I am going to do something I normally do not do when I write a blog about a couple. I am going to totally steal the words and thoughts of another person. Do not worry though, they will have nothing to do with the horoscope 🙂

I am going to take the words from Laura’s Maid of Honor. She did such a perfect job in describing Laura and Ricky, that I have to share it when everyone who reads this blog. She said they Ricky is the perfect compliment to Laura. As she said this, I let it sink in a little and though how true it really was. That is the beauty of finding someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with. They are better than you, they are not worse than you… they are just a compliment. They take something that is already good and then somehow make it better.

Anybody who knows Laura and Ricky, knows that they are both very comfortable with who they are. Yet when they met each other, their friends all said they watched as their strengths and weaknesses matched up perfectly to each other. I could this happen right before my eyes at so many points over the past year. From their engagement session all the way to how they said goodbye to me on the night of their wedding. Watching them both was just a reward in itself.

Ricky and Laura, I hope you are enjoying the sand and the ocean. I hope are spending time doing nothing of value. I also hope you know how grateful I am that I got to be the one to tag along on your wedding day!


























































































































Ceremony Venue: Trinity Lutheran Church

Reception Venue: Forest Hills Country Club

Caterer: Forest Hills Country Club

Dress: Justin Alexander

Suit/Tux: Seno Formal Wear

Make-up: Arch Apothecary

Cake: By the Dozen

Flowers: Event Floral

DJ: Luxe Productions

Videographer: Loomis Video

Limo: AAA Limousine

Officiant: Dr. Thomas Clinton

Thank you for sharing!

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