Hmmmmmm….. Kiley and John ……. were do I begin …….


I really am having trouble coming with a good intro for today engagement session, maybe my head is still spinning from trying to keep up with high this octane couple, so I am just going to jump right. Kiley and John are an amazing that couple that I first got to meet at The Woodstock Town Square a few weeks ago when we had our first sit down meeting. We ended up there because we had people coming from every direction and Woodstock was the closest to the middle. The next thing I know they fell in love with my photography, I mean who WOULDN’T 😉 and Kiley and John also fell for the charm of the Town Square.

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are at the Town Square again. Now, from the very first meeting I have with any couple, I try and start to piece together who you are as a couple. I really want to understand why you two feel you have found your match in the other and then try and capture that. Sitting at a table while asking questions is one way and I have picked up on many things but Kylie and John were a tough read for me, which does not happen too often. So going into the E-Session I had an outline in my head but I also left myself some flexibility if things needed to change on the fly.

Weeeellllllllllll about 12 seconds into their session and once I had them away from sitting at a table, I had my aha moment. Kiley and John just fit each other perfectly, not only emotionally (some of their commitments to each other just amazing) but also physically. All I had to do was ask them to go to specific area and by the time I had my camera up and ready to shoot, it was so their show and I knew I was just along for the ride. So take a few moments to enjoy their photographs and I am going to go catch my breath!

Thank you for sharing!

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