Ooooohhhhhhhhh were do I begin with these two….. let’s start with what I do know for sure. John has never been called “normal” and Kiley likes buttons. Not a “I like buttons because the keep my shirt on” like either, she REALLY REALLY likes buttons.

I met Kiley and John at the Woodstock town square, yes the town square from Ground Hog Day and I remember sitting across from the table from Kiley, John and Kiley’s parents and thinking to myself that these are of some of the kindest, caring people I have ever met. If you have been around someone who makes you feel that way, you sometimes act like I did. You think there is an agenda, or in my case, they want something. As I type this, I humbly (and happily) admit I was flat out wrong and yesterday at the beautiful Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms, I got to spend the day with not only an amazing couple but also their amazing friends and family. During the past year, as I was exchanging emails, facebook posts, text messages and phone calls, I was continually exposed to genuine people who, more than anything, just wanted Kiley and John to have the best day they could. Nothing more and nothing less.

I have no trouble telling how you rare that truly is. I also have no trouble telling you how grateful I am to be a part of this wedding. I have had a front row seat to watch many weddings, I almost always have a pretty deep understanding of the couple I work with and by then end of the night when I am saying goodnight, I really do feel like a friend and not a photographer. Even with all that, there will always be a handful of weddings that just feels different. As I was saying good night to Kiley and John just outside the Pavilion and going through one of the 38 or so mini “what is next for my photos” speeches Kiley and John have heard, it was there in my gut and in my mind. This was going to be one of those weddings that will stick with me for along time.

Kiley and John, you are leaving for Mexico early tomorrow morning and I hope you see these photographs and read this message before you leave. I hope this not for you but for me. Before you go gallivanting and causing trouble at the resort, I just wanted to hear this from me one more time….. Thank you 🙂


If you saw something you liked, take a look at the vendors who made this possible!

Venue: The Pavilion at Orchard Rdge Farms

DJ: Kevin Dobbeck

Caterer: ABC Catering

Bride’s Button Bouquet: Ashley Gierke

Coordinator: Stefanie Wessel

Dress: Brides by Demetrios

Cake: Centerpiece Cakes

Hair: Shayna Masterson

Make up: Christine Stahl

Apples: Alissa Bruns

Horse and Carriage: Stepping Out

Card box and cake stand: Steve Slominski

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