Every couple has a story waiting to be told. Sometimes the story is right there in front for everyone to see and sometimes you have to dig a little. I think Kelly and Don’s story began when Don said “But I can’t see her.”.

It is these moments, this one I could not even really capture, that makes me so enjoy engagement sessions. I try and photograph everything I can and do the best I can to tell their story but sometimes you just have to experience what I do to truly understand just how much fun we have. Kelly, Don and I spent a hazy Sunday morning at Orchard Ridge Farms photographing their engagement session and it also served as a chance for me to give them a little bit of a tour as well. The last time Kelly and Don where here, the ground was covered in deep snow from what felt like our never ending winter. We moved from location to location all the while laughing and exchanging stories.

In what seemed like no time, we had ourselves a great engagement session. More importantly though I came away from our time with sore cheeks from laughing and some great stories to share on their wedding day!

Kelly Don, enjoy your last few weeks planning your wedding and I am so looking forward to hanging out with you soon!


























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