In late February this year I received a message from an old friend (Aaron) that kicked off a rekindling our or friendship, photographing his amazing proposal to Kate during this years St. Patrick’s Day Parade and then their wedding this past weekend.  Yes you read that right, they did everything from proposal to wedding in less than 6 months!

I feel blessed to be a small part of their day, partly because they took so much time to put as many personal details into their wedding. From Aaron’s family crest on his knife to both Kate’s Grandmother’s and Mother’s wedding dresses being used during their hand tying.  Oh, and did you notice the kilts yet? However, the greatest joy for me was just being there. I have known Aaron for almost 20 years and I was lucky enough to meet Kate when she was a Bridesmaid at a wedding I photographed 2 years ago.  I felt like I was giving my life before being a photographer the chance to finally meet my life as a photographer.

If you take away all details, the knives, the half dimes, the kilts and the bagpipes… you are still left with two people who are just plain crazy for each other. I remember asking Aaron how he met Kate and how they first started dating and then asking Kate the same questions. It only takes about 2 sentences from each one to realize what they have together is much, much more than the things around them.

Kate and Aaron, I am so grateful I was able to just watch you two throughout your wedding days. Having the chance to know you both before you met each other and then seeing you on this day was something I will always remember. I am very proud say that you both made each other better!






































































































Venue: Prairie Street Brewhouse

Caterer: Rockford Brewing Company

Dress: Castronovo’s Bridal Shop

Hair and Make-Up: Shear Renewal

DJ: Dave Boger

Lighting: Prairie Street Brewhouse

Flowers: Pump House Flowers

Cake: The Measuring Cup

River Transportation: Forrest City Queen

Limo: Enterprise

Officiant: Dan Herman

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