It has been a few weeks since I have updated my blog, ok, over a month but I have real good reason why! I have been crazy busy this month but not with just photographing couples and their ridiculous but amazing bridal parties either. I have been busy grinding and working in the background to make sure that the clients who choose to trust me with telling their story, get that story back as soon as possible. Looking at my calendar at the beginning of this wedding season, I knew July was going to be crazy for me. I also knew that if I did not put my head down and go to work during the week when I was not shooting, I was going to get buried in editing work.

A quick recap of July 2013 for me:

  • 7 Weddings
  • 3 Engagement Sessions
  • 4 Events
  • 33,639 total photographs taken

I have always made a commitment to delivering final, edited galleries to my clients in quick manner, usually 3 weeks max but I wanted to take that to the next level and July was going to be my test. So I put in the work and this is what happened.

  • 6,328 Edited, Final photographs delivered to clients
  • 187,241 views of the photographs (this does not even count Facebook photo views)
  • The longest any client, weddings included, waited to have their final edited galleries delivered to them was only 9 days
  • Zero clients from July are still waiting to see their final, edited photographs

I seriously can not explain how proud I am of that last line. You do not have to ask very many people, read on or to know that one of the biggest complaints with photographers is the time clients have to wait for their photographs. For me to make out of July with ZERO clients waiting… just makes me smile.

To celebrate making it through July, I wanted to share a blog of what I have been doing, promise you that I will start blogging more and also share with you some of my favorite photographs from the past month., enjoy!

Yes that really is my office chair and I am not going to lie, I am kind of proud of it.

Now out to dinner with my family and if anyone knows of an office chair sale going on, please let me know!


Thank you for sharing!

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