Take a look through these photographs from Joanna and Mat’s winter wedding at Fisherman’s Inn and you can come to two conclusions.

#1 – Joanna and Mat spend so much of their time laughing at with each other and #2 there is no reasonable person who thinks getting Mat a sword for his Wedding gift was a prudent decision.

I think that because of those two reasons, I was just about the perfect photographer to be a part of their day. I mean, I like to laugh with people and no reasonable person would think I would need a sword. Through the day I got meet college friends, Marine friends, grade school friends, work friends… it just seemed like a never ending stream of people who walked up to Joanna and Mat, gave them a hug, shared a brief moment and broke out into a deep belly laugh. Some of the stories I could hear and shared the laugh, but other times I could witness this happening. Over and over I watched it happen. That was something that will always stick with me as I look back at their photographs. Every couple and every wedding day has a “pulse”, Joanna and Mat’s was a giggle.

Thank you for letting be a witness to all the laughs on your wedding day Joanna and Mat! Oh, and Mat, if I ever come visit you two, I will be bitterly disappointed if you do not answer the door with your sword in hand!




















































































































Vendor Love

Venue – Fisherman’s Inn

Hair – Jaime Herst- Shelly Hilton

Make-Up – Jaime Herst

Dress – Complete Bridal

Lim0 – Paramount Valet

Florist – Tiffany Burdick – The Petal Boutique

DJ – Enchanted Evening

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