I have always enjoyed destination weddings for many reasons, but there is a little give and take to them. So, to help you understand a little bit in knowing the ins and outs of what it takes to make a destination wedding happen, I give you my thumbs up/down. Every one of these circumstances happened to me on the one trip.

Thumbs up: HUGE props go out to Julie Shreck of Simply You Weddings, if you are anywhere near southern Florida she is the way to go with wedding coordinators!

Thumbs down: For being the only person at the luggage claim in Key West with no luggage, then having the airline computers go down so they legitimately have no idea where my bag is.

Thumbs up: Julie and Deron, a great couple, with crazy friends, who chose some incredibly beautiful locations.

Thumbs up: Sitting next to another photographer Rod, of Rod Roberts Photography on my flight from Miami to Key West.

Thumbs down: Having the weather go from rain/sun/rain/sun/rain/sun about 30 times a day. I have never had my sunglasses on with the wipers on my car going full bore that much in my life.

Thumbs up: Duval Street.

Thumbs down: Trying to park anywhere near Duval Street.

Thumbs up: Having Father Larry telling the wedding party to have fun in Key West the night before the wedding but not to get too drunk and get arrested in the most tactful way you could imagine.

Thumbs up: Laughing at the crazies on doing the Duval Crawl

Thumbs down: Trying to figure out why people were laughing at me on Duval Street.

Enjoy Jennifer and Deron’s Sneak Peak!

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