Here I am, sitting in front of my keyboard trying to put together an intro for, what I think is, the couple that I truly know best. I have known both of them for years, from spending super bowls on my couch with Jayden crawling all over them, to traveling to Colorado with Kyle. Even with all that, I still sit here struggling to get they keyboard clicking. Maybe it is because I suffered as Kyle’s boss years ago only to recently see him grow and take over the position I once held at my former employer. A part me wants to go back there part time as a regular associate so I can “repay” all the life lessons I learned trying to manage him. It was a retail store with maybe 20 employees, needless to say we were pretty connected to what was happening with each others personal lives. Ok fine, call it gossip then, but that’s just a matter of semantics.

I remember being there and hearing about Kyle’s ups and downs in the dating world. I remember him going through that phase where most people find themselves, almost dating to just date. Then one day he out in the area and had to stop in for something and he brought in his “friend’. This friend, he reminded us repeatedly she was just a friend, Jennifer was one of his old coworkers from his first job. The moment they walked out the door, I turned to my coworker, who happened to be a 70 year old cashier and we both asked the same question at the same time. What just happened? You see Jennifer was different than the other girls Kyle had made comments about. So we did what any group of coworkers would do, pester him incessantly as to why Jennifer is just a friend.

Today, I am very happy to say, I am glad that Kyle thinks of Jennifer as much more than just a friend 😉


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