As any of the couples who have worked with me before will tell you, I really do like to pick your brain as a couple and understand who you are. I want to know what makes you tick, how you found each other and understand what about the other person makes your heart swoon. These little insights are what is going to turn your engagement session and in a more magnified setting, your wedding, into something that special to only you. With Jenna and Tim I dug up many little nuggets of truth about who they are, some of them more valuable than others..

Such as Jenna’s complete fear of geese and how they will attack her ankles, yet that the little baby geese are cute and adorable.

Not important.

I also learned that Jenna and Tim are getting married at Disney World.

Very important.

Which leads me to my tip of advice to my fellow photographers. When you have as much street cred as I do (stop laughing, I do) and you are wandering through downtown Rockford with a couple carrying Mickey Ears, be careful that you are not spotted by your friends as to maintain your street cred. As I was explaining this to Jenna and Tim, we hear a car honk and the driver yell “Hey, Chris!” ::sighs:: And there goes my street cred… So Jenna and Tim, I hope you enjoy your photographs as my street cred took a beating getting them for you 😀



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