I am a little upset I sit at my keyboard. Jenna and Kevin’s Officiant, Jason, stole my idea for how I can start off my blog. Oh well, I am just going to run with it anyway.

Jenna’s laugh.

Then Kevin’s disapproving but also at the same time, proud look.

Over and over I saw this throughout Jenna and Kevin’s wedding day, just none stop. As I listened to Jenna laugh and Kevin form partial sentences trying to compose his thoughts for about the 48th time, I even asked “Is this what everyday is like for you two?”. I asked only because I was enjoying every minute of it. You see this was not a perfect day by any means. In addition to making to EVERY table decoration by hand, her Dad and groomsmen had made a beautiful set of doors for Jenna to walk through during the ceremony. Her Dad’s hardwork would not be fully used though as a summer storm rolled through and we were forced to move the ceremony inside. This is tough for any couple, you spend so much time planning for an outdoor ceremony, hoping for an outdoor ceremony and then just 45 minuted before the ceremony begins, you have to let go of all those dreams. Jenna and Kevin did just that and never stopped laughing. We even found a way for Jenna and Kevin to used the doors her father made, maybe not the way her father intended but in way that I think is truly just Jenna and Kevin.

Jenna and Kevin, thank you for letting me a small part of your day and as you enjoy the beach, I hope these photographs bring you back to the moment you both said “I do”!





























































































Venue: The Pavilion

Caterer: Abreo

Coordinator: Jennifer Weldon

Dress: Elite Bridal

Hair: Stephanie Smith

Make-up: Stephanie Smith

Cake: The Sweetery

Flowers: Diane Maag

DJ: Luxe Productions

Officiant: Jason Fisher

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