Here is something that may shock you, I have seen my share of weddings. Not really groundbreaking news for you out there, but there is one thing I have learned from being deeply involved in weddings.

When a couple gets married, it makes them more of what they already are as a couple.

Think about it, much like when a person wins the lottery it makes them more of what they already are. If that person was greedy and temperamental, they do not magically change for the good. With very few exceptions, it just makes them more greedy and more temperamental. The opposite is true as well. If that person was grounded correctly and compassionate, they become more of that. Now I also understand getting that money can corrupt, but I ask you this. Is it possible that the lottery winner who seemed great, only to spiral downward once they have the ability to, was truly a great person on the inside to begin with?

Now back to weddings, I put “couple” in italics because who the couples were as individuals is irrelevant. What matters is their traits as a couple, because the rest of their lives they will be one, not two. Their individual traits will dissolve and how they complete each other, or lack thereof, will only continue to grow.

Now that brings me to Jaci and Nathan and what I picked up on over the past few months shooting their engagement session and then their wedding. They are both very strong people but even on their wedding day, I could pick up on little things that were changing compared to when I shot their engagement session and this is a good thing. Because the things that were fading and the things that were becoming more prevalent were what you would want as a couple. I can not tell you for sure, but I have a strong feeling that if you asked the people who have been close to Jaci and Nathan over the years, they would be in an agreement that although they knew them as two individuals, they can no longer fathom them as anything other than just one.

Thank you for sharing!

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