I had the chance to enjoy some close to 60 degree weather yesterday and went out with two of my friends to do some geocaching. Geocaching is the worldwide GPS scavenger hunt game which you are the search engine. It will take you to many places where you never would have found or even gone to. Yesterday I found myself on a gravel road in the middle of harvested corn field and in park in the small town of Kingston IL. You add in my desire to take photos that tell stories and it creates many unique photo opportunities that I would never have found without geocaching.

This photo was taken on the gravel road in the middle of nowhere. Oh and as I walked back to my car I noticed one of my tires had a nail in it. Did I mention we were in the middle of nowhere?

I took this photo of this majestic tree Knute Olson Jr. Forest Preserve in Kingston IL. The image is and HDR or High Dynamic Range image. It is created by taking different exposed images and with a little work in Photoshop and Photomatix combined into one image.

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