So I have a problem.

This problem is well documented.

It has even been documented by me.

My problem?


This is the time of year where I get my money’s worth from Peak Fitness. I have had many different variations of food products using Eggnog that go far beyond my staple of basic liquid Eggnog. Eggnog ice cream sandwiches, Eggnog pancakes from IHOP, my homemade Eggnog french toast, Eggnog jelly beans, Eggnog shakes from McDonald’s, Steak and Shake and Culver’s (Culver’s is the best), and Eggnog ice cream.

But until 2 days ago, this little Eggnog treat in today’s blog somehow escaped the death grip of my sweaty hands.

Eggnog creams by Fannie May.

Now through some connections of mine, yes I have Eggnog connections, I got a hold of some Eggnog creams before they hit shelves this Christmas Season. I can not tell how wonderful these creams taste through my blog, but I will at least do my best to help you.

Here we start with our basic Eggnog cream by Fannie May. I use the term “basic” loosely here, much like the way you would describe your “basic” Lamborghini or your “basic” 12 carat flawless diamond ring.

Notice the evenly spread nutmeg seasoning here, just enough to completely cover the top of the cream but not too much where it comes off on the inside of the bag. Or when you pick it up to take your first bite…

The first sensation that greets your mouth is a combination of condensed pleasure, mixed with sheer delight and a hint of passion.

As the second bite makes it way through all 5 of your senses, your body is starting be overcome with the warm, tingling sensation that is normally associated with the realization that you have all 6 matching numbers AND the matching powerball in this weeks $367,000,000.00 drawing.

Secondary angle so those who have won the $367,000,000.00 powerball drawing can verify its authenticity.

After the third bite, you are now being absolutely torn apart by the conflicting emotions of “This taste and texture is amazing and I have to eat this by the truckloads” versus “How in hell do I only have this one measly bite left?”. But then reality sets in and pick up your last bite…

You are now left to the whims of this world. Where you must face the cold ruthless fact that are now on your own without the comfort of knowing that you have one of life’s magical gifts waiting for you at home in your cupboard. So this Christmas season, with my strongest recommendations, I would suggest you click this link and go find yourself some of life little treasures.

And buy me some too.

Thank you for sharing!

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