Every couple has a story and when they come to the studio, sit on the couch and sip some coffee, sometimes that story seems a little polished to me. I love nothing more than poke and prod a little bit and see what comes to the surface. When I do that, almost every time a story that is not perfect but so much deeper starts to come to light. Usually it is one person who starts to “fess up” and tell me about the bumps and curves and sacrifices in their path from just talking, to dating, to getting engaged and then ending in my studio, seeking out a wedding photographer. I love those moments. When I start to see who this couple really is.

Erin and Mike were no different. They started with the usual storylines and I wish I could remember when the conversation turned but I can not quite put my finger on it. I do know that by the time the coffee cup was empty, I met a couple that I knew I wanted to be part of their wedding. I met a couple that in the middle of enjoying my off season, made me wish I was in season. After a near miss due this winter’s crazy grip, we finally made it out for Erin and Mike’s engagement session. We took our time and enjoyed the sun, the warmth and even some coffee at Rockford Roasting Company. Erin and Mike, thank you for choosing me to be a part of your wedding! Couples like you are why I pick up a camera!


























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