Just before this snow and -15 degree weather rolled in I was able to hang out with Gina and Ian in St Charles IL for their engagement session. I have said it on this blog many times but I will say it again now. I absolutely enjoy engagement sessions with my couples and only partly because of the photographs. For me it really is a chance to get to hang out with a couple that I will be spending¬† A LOT of time with in the future. Its seeing them laugh, giggling as they tease each other and learning about who they are. Gina and Ian were great for all of these things. As we walked through St Charles, I was shown where they had they their first date. I got to hear how that first night they just sat and talked for hours. Just down the street I was shown where they had their first kiss. And their bulldog… I think he may have stole the show. This whole time I tried to move my legs fast enough to keep up with them, which I found out I am not the only person to have this problem.

All these things is what a makes Gina and Ian unique, it is part of their story. A story that I will be looking forward to tell!
























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