There will be two things I will always remember about this wedding. The first I was a little nervous about. Dave came up to me and told me that right before their first dance, Dave was going to sing Emily a song. Welllllllll here is the thing, Dave is a big guy who enjoys to have some fun. I had noticed some of the .. ahem … liquids he was consuming before he sang. So when he took the mic, I braced myself. What happened next surprised even me, Dave ….. was ….. awesome! Between his hidden talent of singing and song selection, it was just perfect and an amazing way to start off their dancing. The second thing I will remember, and any one who was there will remember it as well, was Emily and Dave’s vows. Hand written, tailored for each other and so full of emotion. There not a person in the entire church that was not in awe of that moment, while they listened to the exchanging of vows.

So Emily and Dave, while you are enjoying Costa Rica and snowmageddon rages on around us stuck back in Rockford IL, just know there is a simple photographer here that is still in awe of your love for each other.


















































































































Wedding Venue ~ Calvary Christian Church

Reception Venue ~ Prairie Street Brewhouse

Wedding Consultant ~ Erica Dargene with Hitched the Wedding Experts

Catering ~ Knutes

Cake ~ Cake Creations

DJ ~ Luxe Productions

Lighting ~ Luxe Productions

Flowers ~ Broadway Florists

Pianist ~ Jennifer Sproule

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