I wanted to take a few days out of my summer to escape the every day stresses and recharge my batteries, so took I a friend out to Colorado and visited my cousin. Well I ended up completely exhausted by the end of the trip but it was worth every moment.

Hanging Lake, Glenwood CO

hanging lake in hdr A hike that was 1.2 miles over a completely unpaved trail with rocks the size of beach balls, oh and I forgot, over that 1.2 mile hike there was 1,000 foot elevation rise, oh and add 25lbs of camera gear too. Worth every moment.

Sunrise from Mt. Evans, overlooking Denver CO

sunrise from Mt. EvansWhat better way to relax after a tough hike the day before by getting up at 3:30am to catch a morning sunrise from Mt. Evans and the highest paved road in North America.

Echo Lake from Mt. Evans

Echo Lake from Mt. EvansCaught this great view on the way down from our sunrise photo on Mt. Evans, Echo Lake.

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