A common question asked of me from my friends is “Are you shooting this weekend?”. If my answer is yes, they generally ask which one. Most of the time, a reply using names is pretty much worthless, so weddings tend to get a specific tag that helps separate them. Similar to how hurricanes are named. Sidenote: How is Hurricane Igor not the most awesome hurricane ever? Crystal and Jorge’s wedding got the tag of “The horsey wedding”. The following conversation is an actual conversation I had with my friend Aaron.

Aaron: Are you shooting this weekend?
Me: Yes sir.
Aaron: Which one is this one?
Me: The horsey wedding
Aaron: Horsey wedding?
Me: Yeah the Bride is coming into the ceremony on horseback, how awesome it that?
Aaron: Very Awesome, but won’t that be little weird with he father walking next to the horse?
Me: Nope, he is going on a horse as well.
Aaron: This sound interesting.
Me: Thats nothing, guess who one the ring bearer’s is?
Aaron: Let me guess, a horse?
Me: Nope. A dog.

Aaron pauses as you can see the look of pure puzzlement on his face and then drops this question.

Aaron: Is the dog going to be riding a horse too?

I can’t make this stuff up.

Enjoy the sneak peak!

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