Not too long ago I found myself driving to a venue I had never heard of before. Turns out it is just personal residence. I then found myself driving to address where I KNEW there was nothing amazing. I was driving to this address to meet an engaged couple who I have never even exchanged an email with. I was brought into this wedding by Kelley at Backyard Soiree and it is always a little nerve wracking for me to be brought into a wedding by someone else. I am very comfortable knowing I am not for every couple, so when I am told that another person found a great couple for me to work with, I am always a little stand offish. So to recap, I am driving to some house, to meet a couple that I have never met, that another person said is perfect for me.


I sit here typing on computer, getting ready to post the largest preview I have put together for a couple, just barely 24 hours since their wedding and I am completely humbled. First Kelley did a marvelous job at pulling together this wedding on a shortened timeline, this “house” represented the most difficult lighting conditions I have experienced but with that difficulty came the chance for a great reward and the couple….. oh Cortney and Jake…. you two are just amazing! From beginning to end of this journey Cortney and Jake you have caught me off guard, you are absolutely two remarkable people, with great friends, a great family and you were an absolute blast to work with! Watching you two interact with each other, listening to your likes and dislikes, hearing the “fly by the seat of your pants” stories…. I am just grateful to be a part of day.


Now Cortney and Jake’s wedding day was little unique so I am going to walk you through how their day went…

Cortney is writing a note to include with Jake’s gift, a new set of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Jake had lost his earlier and wanted to buy a new pair so bad, so Cortney did what you need to hiding a gift, you lie 😀 “Sorry Jake, we just do not have the money to buy you new sunglasses with the wedding….”. Just an FYI< I so approve of this!

I totally dig this dress…

Cortney’s father helping her down the steps on her to way for her and Jake’s first look.

I felt a little bad for Jake, I made Cortney’s walk to him for their first look a little longer than normal. Just to clarify, I felt bad for him but I sure was not remorseful.

While I want to capture the first look and will take a quick few photos when couple first meet, I bail out of the situation fast. It is their time, not mine. Plus when I give you some space, its amazing how you interact with each other. I did nothing here, other than just get out of Cortney and Jake’s way.

Cortney’s rings are a 3 pieces.

The view from their ceremony location.

The Sweetery is in the house!!

Dang, whoever took Cortney and Jake’s engagement session photographs killed it!

I so approve of this get away car.

Ceremony begins!


Come on Jake…. hold it together man….

Ok, never mind Jake.. with a smile like that I would melt too.

It may not look like much but my photographer friends know why I am proud of this photograph.

Jake’s thought at this moment…. I am the man, I didn’t cry!!!

The only thing I put my foot down and stomp over when it comes to weddings is that I get just 20 minutes with the bride and groom only. Just us 3. No well meaning friends and family allowed. Why? I can duplicate, lighting, I can find new environments.. I can NEVER duplicate those emotions bubbling inside you right after you marry the one you love.

What every groom thinks while their best man toasts them…. Dude, remember this is my WIFE now.

Sure, at this moment the dance floor is just Cortney and Jake but if the floor was packed, would they even notice at this moment?

Every wedding, there is one toddler who can clear the dance floor!

Sean from Luxe Productions rocking the building!

A sparkler exit for Cortney and Jake signals the end of night…. for most of the guests 😉

If you saw me driving down North Main, hanging out of my sunroof shooting photographs of Cortney and Jake heading back to their hotel, and want to tell me how unsafe that is…. I just want to remind you to notice where Jake’s hands are 😀

Final kiss of the night….

Wait… you two are having an after party for wedding?!?! Oh GAME ON!!!

This where Luxe Productions showed how they are in a class of their own. When the guests who got he “after party” invite returned, this is what greeted them.

Follow Cortney’s lead, it is NOW time to party!

Ok, you are doing too good of a job following Cortney’s lead…


Vendor Love

Coordinator: Kelley at Backyard Soiree

DJ: Sean at Luxe Productions

Uplighting: Luxe Productions

Flowers: Crimson Ridge

Desserts: The Sweetery

Tables, Lines: North Park Rental

Chairs, Champagne Flutes: Rockford Rentals


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