Every once in a while you are reminded just how small of a world it really is being in Rockford IL. A couple of months ago I exchanged a few emails with Corrie about the possibility of me photographing her wedding. After those emails, we setup a meeting for the next Tuesday to talk in depth. In the mean time, I headed out on Saturday to photograph a wedding and started at the place I usually start, a salon. As I am walking around, making sure I getting the entire bridal party and making sure I am NOT getting just regular people, I hear my name called. I turn and see one of the salon’s employee’s and she tells me that I have a meeting with her Tuesday. I just happened to end up shooting a wedding in Corrie’s salon just a couple of days before our meeting. Small world. The best part though… after spending some time with me at the salon, she still booked me 😀





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