The couples.

Being a wedding photographer has some amazing highs but it also has some long, tough, lonely stretches as well. The fall season in the Midwest has some of the most beautiful colors you will ever see but for a photographer it represents a period of time where we just flat out work. Yes, that involves picking up the camera and shooting but truly that is a pretty small fraction of the work we do in the fall. It is long hours at the computer editing literally 10s of thousands of photographs, planning for the next weekends worth of weddings, smashing in meetings with new couples and in between all the shoots, trying to balance family time… all the while trying to be a functional member of society. Ask your photographer friend, sometimes it is a small victory we even showered on a random weekday. Every fall we look into the mirror and wonder to some extent, is this all worth it.

17 years.

Enter Cassie and Kevin into my little world. I met them last summer. Well, maybe met is not the best word. Cassie told me that I was going to photograph her wedding and I just better accept it. Once we got those pesky formalities out of the way, I was able to hang out with Cassie and Kevin for the first time at their engagement session. It was a windy day and we watched a summer storm start to roll in but that had ZERO affect on them. We walked, we shared stories… both ridiculous ones and serious ones, we laughed with each other and we laughed at each other, oh and we even took some photographs. I learned what the past 17 years were like for them, how they were able to have this moment and finally be husband and wife. I shared what my summer had been like, which had some twists and turns. A year later, I was there to photograph their wedding. To laugh with them again, to laugh at them again and to share stories with them again. To be there and to be a part of something that was this long in the making was something special for me past photography. Days like these are why I endure the long hours, the driving, the editing and the meetings. After everything is said and done, day in and day out I am a wedding photographer for one reason alone….

The couples.



























































































































Venue – Orchard Ridge Farms

Caterer – Henrici

Wedding Coordinator –  Shane Finley

Officiant – Mark Selbo

Hair – AC hair girls

Make up – Bomber Betty/Jessica

Dresses  -Bella Bridesmaid

Florist – Brian Hooper

Cake – Sugar Jones

DJ – A Personal Touch

Videographer – Oak house


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