Well I got my hands on a Canon 5D Mark III camera today 😀 So the first thing I did was fire out a few photographs in ISO 8000 to see what this bad boy is truly capable of. I have embedded 1024px wide photographs but in the title above each photo is a link to see the full size photo to compare.

Photograph details: 5D Mark III, Canon 135mm Lens, ISO 8000, f/2.0, 1/400


SOC jpeg ~ I captured in both jpeg and RAW, this photo is the jpeg straight from the 5D III:

Canon 5D III high iso 8000


Raw format ~ Converted to a DNG file and then exported as a jpeg:

Canon 5D III high iso 8000 photograph

Raw format ~ Converted to DNG file, applied Noise Reduction and small curves adjustment in LR4:

Canon 5D III High ISO 8000 photograph



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