Next summer I will be photographing Brittany and Joe’s wedding as they walk down the aisle together. This will be the SECOND time I have done that 🙂

I met Brittany and Joe almost two years ago at a wedding I photographed where they were a Bridesmaid and Groomsman and they got a trial run at walking down the aisle together. Which is a good thing because walking in heels is always a little iffy, right Brittany? That wedding was just simply fun. I am at my keyboard trying to describe it better but that is what I keep coming back too. The Bride, the Groom, the entire bridal party… everyone was great to me. I always try and keep things light and entertaining and sometime that is really hard to do. This wedding was far from that, I actually had to reign the craziness a little and during one of those “reign in” moments, I even caught a little bit of light-hearted jab from Brittany. So I did what any well respected wedding photographer would do. I waited until dinner and went out of my way to take the most unflattering photograph of Brittany eating I could and then showed it to her to remind her who was in control 😀

Brittany and Joe, I told you this in private but I will tell you in public. I have photographed many weddings and there have been many times where a couple that is newly engaged or starting to head that direction, approached me and asked about photography. Sometimes those couples are ones that have given me grief all through the day and I secretly hope to myself they do not ask me to photograph their wedding. Likewise, there are couple who, after spending almost an entire day with them, I am secretly begging and praying they choose to me photograph their wedding. You two are absolutely a couple that I had hoped I would have the opportunity to be a part of your wedding day. So enjoy your engagement photographs and I will be seeing you next summer as I photograph you walking down the aisle. Again!

Thank you for sharing!

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