At some point in life you find yourself at a fork in the road, a decision to make that is going to shape you and sometimes those close to you for a long time. I was faced with one of those choices earlier this year when I stopped photographing family/high school senior/baby portraits at a professional level. I had a few reasons but one of them was relationships. I truly do enjoy building relationships with couples through their entire wedding process. I enjoying digging into both who you are as a couple and who you are as a person, then I really enjoy the challenge of trying to put that into photographs. It is not uncommon for some of my couples to have almost two years of time invested in each other from the first email to delivery of a flush mount album. During that two years between the face to face meetings, emails, engagement session, wedding website building, wedding timeline planning, wedding, proofing wedding photos, album design… it truly is an investment into each other we are making.

So there I am, sitting at Starbucks across from Bree and Ryan… Listening to Bree talk and talk, in a good way as I am just captivated by their story, but I am also watching Ryan’s reactions to Bree’s words. We exchange stories of our lives, places our paths have taken us, nicknames and then about an hour into our meeting I start to try and turn the conversation to photography and work towards the reason for our meeting and that is when it hits me. I made the right choice. This is why I enjoy what I do. I just spent an hour at our first meeting talking about nothing photography related. Not one thing. I would never had the opportunity to do this in any other type of photography and that means something to me. Bree and Ryan, thank you for seeking me out to be a part of your wedding, I am truly blessed to be there. Also know that I am so enjoying the ride you are taking me on the way to your wedding as well 🙂



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