I have teased this on Facebook over the past few weeks and I brought this to the wedding shows I did this year as well. Now it is finally time to let you know about my newest offering to help tell your story. The Heirloom by C. Tyson Photography.


If you are currently engaged, close your eyes and fast forward your life 10 years and your first born child is at that age where all they do is ask questions. Your child looks up to you, and asks a simple question, “What was your wedding like?”. How would you answer? What would you say? Sure you may have a few photographs on your wall, or a Facebook album online or you may even have a beautiful 16″x12″ album designed by me.

Do those items really tell the ENTIRE story of your day?


That question is what created my search. It was a search that for me lasted for over 2 years. I wanted to find something that could do more than a photograph. Facebook, Pinterest, email… all of these are tremendous tools in sharing your photographs but they also have caused a tremendous decline in couples actually printing a tangible photograph from their wedding. That actual act of touching something in addition to seeing it, is woven into our being human. Think about it, you see something beautiful, something that stirs an emotion and you almost instinctively reach out to touch it. I wanted that feeling for a couple. I wanted that couple’s children to be able to touch something from their parents wedding, to even smell something. Shoot, I want my boys to touch the sand that my wife and I walked on when we got married.

My search for this ended over the winter when a husband and wife team asked themselves the same question, how are our children going to remember our wedding? What if you were able to capture actual, tangible, parts of your wedding to share with your children, to share with your friends that you have not met yet, to just simply have and remember?


The Amish in Ohio, hand craft the wood, a local rancher supplies the leather, the paper with matching envelopes is from Loktah, all finishes and materials are designed to be elegant yet simple.


Lets find a way to not only show your wedding, capture the moments. With the 5 vials that are included put petals from your flowers, beads from her dress, a corner from his handkerchief, ground that you walked on, sand from your ceremony, the perfume you wore…. the ideas and possibilities are only limited by your imagination.



With the paper and envelopes, write your vows to each other. Your actual vows. The ones you will hold in your hand and read on your wedding. On your one year anniversary, write a new love note to each other. When you find out that you will be having your first child, write them a note that very day.



Remember when I pointed out how so few couples print out their photographs? Take you 50 or so favorite photographs and get them printed on a paper that will stand the test of time, in either 4″x6″ or 5″x7″ and keep them protected in the leather wrap.



But your story does not end with your wedding day, so let The Heirloom be the place where you keep your the mementos that will tell your story. The key from your first house, the hospital band from your child’s birth, the locket of hair from your grandmother… again, the only limit is your imagination. The Heirloom is made from local hardwoods and each one is unique, with its own grain pattern. Currently it is available in 4 different stains with other species of woods and stains available occasionally. These are not something that is massed produced, they are made by hand and sold out of a living room by a couple that is not too different than you.








Right now I am only offering The Heirloom to my couples who I have photographed or will be photographing their wedding. To make things even more complicated, I finally found this company after I set my pricing for this year. So for the time being, I will be working with each couple on how to incorporate this into their photography package accordingly. If I have already photographed your wedding and you are interested, please contact me and we can go from there.

If you could, please let me know your feedback if this is something that you feel would help tell your story. I read every comment and I appreciate any help in finding the things that matter to you. Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you for sharing!

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