Who says you have to do engagement sessions when it is all pretty and warm outside? Rebecca and Art sure didn’t need that and I REALLY didn’t need that either 😀 You can check out their sneak peak on this blog post. For this photo I was really trying to use the perspective lines of the buildings and streets to draw you right too Rebecca and Art. The other goal I was pushing for was to use downtown Rockford in a way that most people do not see it. Cool. The more I shoot downtown the more I really enjoy it, there is just something authentic about it. Yes its rough, yes it does have sketchy areas but it also part of Rockford, which is what a lot of us in the area call home. The original was a little crooked as I was holding the camera directly over my head to change the perspective level. Camera settings: 5D mark II, Canon 35mm f/1.4 lens, ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/320.

I am doing my before and afters a little differently now using mouse-overs for the before and after photos. The after is first and when you put your mouse on the photograph, you can see the before.



Now, how I got there. Everything done in Lightroom with 2 presets from Boutwell Studios TR presets.

Fill Light: +18
Exposure: +.14
Crop Angle: -1.56
Crop Rectangle
Blacks: +9
Fill light: +18 more (36 total)
TR preset: Boogie Nights medium
TR preset: Bitchin Camaro
Post Crop Vignette: -31


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