When I asked Becky and Brad what we could do for the engagement session that could start to tell their story, at first they were a little stumped on what to do. After we talked through a few of places and things I have done on previous engagement sessions, I soon found myself in a whirlwind of Becky and Brad ideas. Well mainly Becky talking REAL fast and Brad and I trying to keep up.

A couple of weeks later I found myself in a quaint little bookshop in Elgin IL. I very quickly understood why Becky and Brad spent the time here that they do. Brad knew right where the hunting books where and Becky knew .. um, where pretty much every book was. Just watching Becky and Brad meander through the store, I could see how they were so comfortable in their element. I was just a fly on a wall witnessing a Friday night for them.

Telling Becky and Brad’s story could not be complete without the help of their four legged child and after about 7 seconds with the three of them, I then REALLY found out what a Friday night with them was really like!

Becky and Brad thank you for letting me tag along for a real night with all three of you!









































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