I finally got to squeeze a trip in to Austin TX and visit my sister Hannah and bro in law Drew and I had an amazing time. This was my second time visiting them so after having a great there once before, I was looking forward to this trip even more.

Downtown Austin, Chicago downtown is better but I would have no trouble spending a few days in the heart of the city.

McKinney Falls State Park, you can thank Geocaching to get us out here. I do not want to pat myself on the back too much but I got both Hannah and Drew to buy the official Geocaching app while I was in Austin 😀

3 people went to this park, only one was not a complete wussie and chose to brave the fierce conditions without reading a silly warning sign.

Drew snagged this photo of Hannah and I while I was doing, um …. er….

I know my sister and I know she is going to hate this photo but I really like it. Too bad I am the one with a website Hannah.

The tree is a ridiculous 500+ years old…

Hannah and Drew

Inner Space Caverns

Mt. Bonnell

And that was my trip.

Whats that? Pantyhose?

Oh yeah, you mean this…

So my sister Hannah had no idea I was coming down to visit her. Zero. The best part was that a crazy amount of people did an dI had told some of them I wanted to scare Hannah. After being picked up by Drew at the airport, swinging by the local Walgreens to buy pantyhose, having both Drew and I trying to figure which color of pantyhose would be most appropriate, I set up my camera at Hannah and Drew’s place and just waited for Hannah to come home. Of course my sister has to go to some dumb bookstore and probably oogle over some silly Vampire or Wizard shenanigans so I had to wait longer than planned. While I was hoping for a little more cussing, here is what happened 😀

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