I sometimes struggle to define couples, not so much in the way of labels but more in distinctive traits. Such as when I come home from a meeting or wedding or engagement session and my wife asks me about the couple I just spend a decent amount of time with. Most of time I can easily pick out the things that define couples. Not with Ashley and Travis, they made me work for it a little bit more.

We exchanged a bunch of messages through out the wedding process and even shot their Engagement Session at the same venue as their wedding. Every time I can away without a strong feeling as to how I could really tell their story.

Fast forward to their wedding. I am watching Ashley and Travis getting ready, I am watching them laugh with their friends and that is when it hit me. What really defines this couple to me is how comfortable they are with each other. I heard the stories, I know they both love to get down and just have fun but the moment them come together, it does not matter how chaotic it is around them, they just immediately relax and act like nothing in the world could come between them. Their most defining trait was always right there in front me, I was just looking past it.

That is what makes them special. That is their story.

Ashley and Travis, thank you for letting me be the one to tell your story. I know you had so many choices in photographers from here to Ohio to choose from and I am so grateful I was given that opportunity!




























































































































Venue: The Pavilion

Caterer: Mary’s Market

Dress: Wendy’s Bridal

Suit/Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair and Make-up: The Experience Salon

DJ: Luxe Productions

Cake: Sugar Jones

Flowers: Event Floral

Officiant: Reverend Tom Keefer



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