I have photographed couples (usually in a destination wedding setting) where from the time I have the met them, to the time I start shooting its a matter of mere minutes. I have also photographed couples where I have known both of them for years and I have a deep understanding of not only them as a couple, but also as an individual. For me, the most intriguing couples that I work with are ones where I know one person very well and I do not know the other. You see, when I know one half of the couple, I kind of get a read on the type of person they are, both strengths and weaknesses. Once I know that, I am always curious to see who that person found to complete them. In a way its like a puzzle with a few missing pieces, I want to know why you think this person you chose to marry has the pieces you need to complete your puzzle.

Enter in Angie and Tim. Tim I have known for a few years now and Angie, well, I literally just met her a few weeks ago. Even walking into our first meeting together I was curious to see who Tim found to complete his puzzle. For the rest of this blog post I could run in so many different directions. I really could. Ohhhhhhhhhhh the stories I could tell and with the little things I noticed, I could paint an amazing backdrop for them. To my followers and to Angie and Tim, I will leave you with this. Actually Angie this is more for you than any one else. Angie, for years I have watch what Tim present to the world how “happy” he really was. When I had the chance to spend time with you two photographing your engagement session, I found that when Tim was truly happy and content with his life, he is so different than anything he had ever shown me before. Content, happy and at peace… like that moment when you FINALLY complete that puzzle that has baffled  you for years….

P.S. I checked Angie, nice try.



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