For Andrea and Chris’ wedding post, I will no longer refer to them as Andrea and Chris but rather as Dovahgroom and Dovahbride. I would also like to point out that a quick google search shows that these words do not exist, so for all out of there, feel special as you are witnessing history! If you have no clue what a Dovahgroom or Dovahbride might be, since we know google will be no help, I guess you will just have to ask them yourself 😀

I first met the Dovahgroom and the Dovahbride because of an amazing referral from Jaci and Nathan, a couple that I had the privilege of photographing their wedding 2 years ago. When I sat down at Starbucks and we worked through he
Dovahbride and Dovahgroom’s ideas for the wedding, I realized two things. Contrary to what the Dovahbride tried to tell me, they were a very creative couple, very full of life and they were also very aware of those around them. A year later as I am walking through Williams Tree Farm just photographing detail after detail and having the Dovahgroom ask me at least 112 times if there was anything HE could do for ME, I am glad those two traits were on full display for all their friends and family. From the custom made cook books as a wedding favor to the pumpkin spice Hersey Kisses (I had no idea those even existed), every time I looked in a corner, I found something that had their fingerprint on it.

Dovahbride and Dovahgroom, enjoy your honeymoon getaway and I am so very thankful that Jaci was willing to share her photographer with you 😀



Wedding Venue: Old Stone Church

Reception Venue: Williams Tree Farm

Caterer: Abreo

DJ: Flipside

Flowers: Enders Flowers

Officiant: Pastor Dan Herman

Dress: Bella Bridal

Linens: Beautiful Day

Harpist: Meghann Talbot

Hair: Liz Gargani

Make up: Merle Norman

Horse and Carriage: Stepping Out



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