After spending the day with Andrea and Brady, I figured these few things out about them. They are some of the most genuine and grounded people you will ever meet. Their families spent the day asking ME if I needed anything. Their wedding was full of little details and personal touches that made it feel so perfectly unique to them. However, whoever told them how to be a typical Bride and Groom… yeah, they failed dramatically! I may have even told Andrea she was the worst Bride ever. Now before you get the pitchforks out, they were the perfect couple for me and how I photograph. The big things the wedding industry says you MUST care about, Andrea and Brady could care less about. I loved that! They did not have time to worry about the typical things, they were more concerned if they could get a photograph with their dogs. That created a day and details that were about them and not about the production or for the show. So while I did call Andrea the worst Bride ever by everyone else standards, they were both a perfect C. Tyson Photography couple!































































































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