When you meet someone and spend a little time with someone, say an hour or so, you start to pick up on a things that are very prevalent with people’s personalities and who they are. I am not talking about smaller nuances or back stories of how people are shaped but the things that you are truly know for among a large group of people. I promise you this, Aleisha is know for her laugh and Bill is known for laughing at Aleisha laughing. I saw this over and over through our meetings and also during their engagement session …. and I would not have it any other way 😀 As were worked our way through Lincoln Park and Lincoln Park Zoo, I found myself giggling at both Aleisha and Bill and how they just seemed perfectly content just to be with each other. Maybe some of their friends or family could weigh in on this, but I get the feeling that Aleisha and Bill are the couple that no matter what weird, awkward, ridiculous situation they find themselves in, if they are with each other, they are laughing. So, for Aleisha and Bill’s friends and family, as you are looking through their engagement session photographs, turn on the Aliesha laugh soundtrack in the background and enjoy their photographs!





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