Occasionally I am asked how I come up with inspiration for my photographs, truthfully there is not a lot rocket science to it. I do spend a decent amount of time on photo sharing sites and forums for photographers, two I visit frequently are Flickr and Photography on the Net. The inner geek inside me likes to find photographs that I have no clue how they shot them and try to deconstruct the process of how they took it. Other times, I pack up my gear, get my GPS and just start to drive. Its amazing where you end up and what you can find, it really is like therapy for me sometimes. Recently I went out and just drove and I also swung by St. Peters Cathedral as I have a wedding there June 5th. First the drive to nowhere..

I logged the spot on my GPS while I was out, click here and you can see the exact spot the tree is and also how deeply in the nowhere I really was.

I took my time wandering back to Rockford and went by St. Peters Cathedral. I had heard this church was beautiful and is a excellent location for a wedding but I was taken aback when I got there. I am absolutely stoked about being about to shoot at this location, The church is nothing but old stone, wood and stained glass. Perfect. I look forward to sharing your day there Kayla & Chris!

Thank you for sharing!

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