It is not a big secret that my camera is used for wedding related photographs more than anything else but I really do enjoy capturing the everyday life of my family and I as well. While there are some days where I purposely leave my camera in its case so I can enjoy the little things, I do enjoying capturing my family being, well, my family 🙂 So with this top 10 post I will let you into my everyday life a little more, enjoy!

Boone County Fair ~ This is a composite image from about 4 different photographs I took while at the top of the Ferris wheel. I feel that it shows just how popular the Boone County Fair has become.

Boone County fair Illinois


Tyler ~ I have been asked why I do not post very many photographs of my older son Tyler. The answer is really simple, he hates having is photograph taken. He is a 13 year old boy, so that is why in most of the photographs I have of him, it looks like I just got done got done throwing hydrochloric acid in his face.



Halloween at the Miller’s ~ This has become a tradition in my family to go to Michelle’s brother’s house for Halloween and it something I look forward to every year.

Holloween decoration on a house


Speaking of the Miller’s ~ This is my nephew Mason who has made a few appearance’s on my blog. Why is he his giving his hands the stink eye while eating birthday cupcake? I have no clue but I enjoy it!

Mason Birthday


My little man ~ Oh Jayden, you are going to HATE the slideshow I am going play when you get married….

Jayden fumping


Like, REALLY hate it ~ Jayden and Michelle braving the ride at the Wolworth County Fair

Wolworth county fair ride

Aldeen #8 ~ How can hitting a dumb little white ball breed so much passion from so many people? If you do not understand, pick up your little white ball, tee it up at Aldeen’s #8 hole and let me know what you think.

  Norris Aldeen golf course hole #8


The North Side ~ The North Side of Chicago, I took this while out with the family for day in Chicago. Love this city.

North Side of Chicag

Startrails over the Prairie Street Brewhouse ~ If you still have not been to the Prairie Street Brewhouse, you have no idea what you are missing out but there is good news. 2013 is going to be a HUGE year for the Brewhouse, so be prepared to end up there very soon!

Prairie Street Brewhouse

Ricky Bobby Duck Ride of Doom ~ While taking a ride through the Dells on a Duck, our first entrance into the river involved a VERY steep decline while the “driver”, I use that term loosely, quoted a line from Ricky Bobby. This photo gets bonus points as you can see Jayden’s hand trying to hang onto the seat in front of him as we hit the water.

Ricky Bobby ride of doom

Rock Formation in the Wisconsin Dells ~ These next two photographs are where I fell into love with photography. When I first pick up a camera as a teenager, I wanted to capture landscapes. There has always been something about the outdoors that bring peace to my soul and challenges me.

Rock Formation in the Wisconsin Dells

Sunset in Loves Park IL

sunset from Rockford IL

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