If you have been paying attention to my blog or my Facebook page, you have seen these photographs sometime through the year. I figured I would show you out there what photographs I took that I am most proud of and give you a little more back story in why I am proud of them and how they were created. Without any more delays, here we go!

A wink is all it takes

This photograph was taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico the day before I was to shoot Nicole and Hector’s wedding. After making it through the gauntlet of timeshare salesmen in the airport and finding my way to the resort, I headed down to the beach and met up with some of the bridal party. It was during this time, that the guy in the blue shirt looked at me and gave me the wink. That is all I needed. Camera ready, high speed burst primed, I watched the inevitable “You are my friend which means I am going to throw you into the ocean.”

The capture of the drink meeting its demise in the Pacific Ocean is what put this one in my favorites for the year.

It is never all me

There are many different approaches to photography a photographer can take and the approach they take will always show through in their photographs. The approach I truly strive for is what I would call a commissioned artist. I look for some input and guidance from the people I work with and then have them turn the reins over to me and let me run with it while I tell their story through photographs. That is how I found this spot in White Pines State Park while shooting Kayla and Chris’ engagement session. I would have no idea this little spot tucked underneath a bridge for trains would have ever existed if not for Chris’ input. Not only was this spot perfect for this photograph, I thought it was so cool I took my friend there a few weeks ago and he was also blown away by it.

I have an “All American” family

No family is perfect, and well, mine is very not perfect. Those who know the whole story on my sister Hannah and I know why this photo of Hannah and I means so much to me. After all, it took me 18+ years to finally meet her.

Out of your comfort zone

What happens when the DJ at a wedding senses that he needs to bring a little life into the reception party? Simple, he takes the military groom, sits him in a chair in the middle of the dance floor and tells the bride “This is your chance for payback, have at him!” Hilariousness ensues.

Creating a photograph vs. Taking a photograph

This photo is completely created. It is actually a composite of 5 different photographs taken at different levels of exposure merged in one. This is called a HDR or High Dynamic Range photograph. This is a great example of how I really do not care how I get to the end result as much as I get the end result I want. I am not afraid to use Photoshop or manipulate the environment to get a photograph that tells a story.

Timing and Luck

When you combine Baseball and the 4th of July, you get an absolutely perfect combination of American wonderfulness. Throw in a 200mm image stabilized zoom lens, a camera with a 8 frames per second burst mode and front row seats you are set for some great photographs. When you add the luck of J.T. O’Sullivan crushing a monster home run while my shutter button was held down, you get an incredible photograph. I was not the only person in awe of how far the ball flew, J.T. was hit by the pitcher on the very next pitch he saw.

Wedding Photographer vs. Rockford Airfest

I could duplicate many things to try and get this photograph again, but I could do everything right and still not get it. To have a vapor cone form this well you need split second luck and also the right air conditions. This photograph means a lot to me because I did everything right on my end and was blessed to have everything else fall into place.

Farm girl and City Boy

Photographs that tell a story, I know I say it a ton but that is really what is the driving force behind my photography. When you see a photograph of mine, I want you to feel that you are starting to know the people in the photographs, that you understand who they are. Sometimes that is capturing them in their environment in way that shows that, other times it is completely setting things up to show it. This was a photo I had bouncing around in my head for weeks leading up to Crystal and Jorge’s engagement session. To see it now really puts a smile on my face and I hope it does for you as well.

Just love each other and do not worry about me

Every bride and groom that I photograph their wedding, hears this from me. It is part of the mini speech you have to listen to when I shoot your wedding. I really mean this though. The absolute last thing I want a bride or groom doing on their wedding day is worrying about their photographs, so I tell them to worry about loving their future spouse. I tell them to just enjoy your day as it will go by so fast and that if they truly are in the moment of their wedding I will capture it. This photograph was taken during Kristi and Jake’s first dance husband and wife and like I said, do not worry about me, I will capture it.

Photographs that tell a story

I know, I know here I go with telling that story thing again but I really mean it. I am very hands off during a wedding day. Not too often will pull you aside or ask you to do something specific during your day. when I do, just trust me that it is for something like this.

Finally made it to Lambeau Field

As a photographer and more specifically a wedding photographer, my family puts up with some crazy schedules and crazy hours and for that I am very appreciative. So this fall when things slowed down a bit for me, I took my family out for a mini break that ended with us seeing the Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions. I had been to Packer games before but I never made it to Lambeau for a game. Getting a flyover before the game and watching them scream across the sky was just amazing.

Stay tuned to my blog for my favorite post of the year when I bring you my favorite photographs that have NOT been seen!

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