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Kacie and I have been working at weddings together for over 6 years and over those years we have compiled a pretty good list of stories.  During those 6 years, I also have complied a great number of really really bad photographs of Kacie as well…. Do not worry Kacie, I will not be sharing any in this post 🙂 After all these years and bad photographs, I was lucky enough to have Kacie still trust me enough to photograph her wedding.

Kacie and Jason’s wedding day is one that will always be special to me. I been next to her while year after year she gave her best to the couples of Orchard Ridge Farms on their wedding day. I remember when she came back from the infamous winter trip where she met Jason. I remember asking her some tough questions about this Jason guy that seemed to be staying around much longer than the others. I remember, after she came to my studio open house in late 2016 with Jason on her arm, just how serious this was. I remember when Jason asked the big question and Kacie started with “I am not going to be THAT Bride” talk. I remember shooting Kacie and Jason engagement session on the river with two boats, the love boat and the hate love boat. Finally Kacie, I will always remember how on your wedding day, you put away the coordinator name tag and were truly, just a Bride.

Kacie and Jason, thank you for letting me be the person who got to hang out with you all and be a small part of your wedding day!


























































































































































Ceremony – Riverside Church
Reception – Orchard Ridge Farms
Caterer – Henrici’s
Flowers – Event Floral
Bride’s Hair – Salon Marcon
Hair – Mane Expressions Hair Studio
Makeup – Annētta Michelle Makeup and Beauty
Linens – Event Floral
Band – Back Country Roads
Cake – Julie Michelle Cakes
DJ – Luxe Productions
Lighting – Luxe Productions