Easter 2011 and the easiest way to embarass your 12 year old.

Sometimes that Easter bunny like to makes things a little more difficult than they need to be 😀

Easter 2011

The boys each got a couple of special eggs that had more than candy in them, see the Easter bunny is not a complete jerk!

My nephew, Mason. If you were wondering what was on his face, he had just finished eating some yummy rocks.

My niece Kayla, who informed me right before I took this photo, “I am not Kayla, Ima hemicopter!”.

Finally, Michelle figured out how to quickly and completely embarrass Tyler by just sneaking up on him and giving him a kiss 😀

I really like this one as Tyler has pulled away so fast, like he was being hit with acid, he caused Michelle to be left hanging, still puckered for his kiss!


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