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To kick off Brooke and Mason’s wedding blog, I am going to start out by sharing how I ended up being their photographer.

Brooke told me. Yup. It is really that simple, she told me that I was going to photograph her wedding and that was the start and the end of the conversation.

What she failed to mention to me was that she was going to be one of my biggest supporters through my chaotic season of life. She also forgot to mention that after all the meetings, the phone calls, the engagement session and their wedding that I also was going to two pretty amazing friends in Brooke and Mason. She also skipped over the part where I would spend the day laughing with (and sometimes at) their friends and also their family. Brooke and Mason’s bridal party kept me on my toes all through the day, especially at the end of the night when someone thought it was a good idea to give them all firesticks. I also feel like I made things a little fun and ridiculous for them as well. At the end of the night, Brooke and Mason are a couple of mine that I will always be so incredibly appreciative that they gave me no choice in being part of their wedding.

Congrats to you both!!



Vendor Love

Venue – The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farm’s

Caterer – Henrici’s

Officiant – Pastor Luke

Hair – Tara Groomes

Makeup – Jessica McKane

Tux/Suits – Harley’s shop for men

Florist – Event Floral

Cake – Cocoa Bean

DJ – Luxe Productions

Lighting – Luxe Productions

Linens – Event floral